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Swaffham 25th March 2012

25 Lee Butcher went into an early lead in Heat 1, 74 Riches got tangled up with the 445 car coming down the home straight, 682 Steve Cunningham come to grief in the middle of the back straight and was collected heavily by the 17 Benstead car over the back wheel which led to a Red Flag and a complete restart, 25 Lee Butcher led the field away again on the restart, 66 Keith Furnell in the rwd starlet was making good progress getting past 319 Woods for 3rd, 319 Woods claimed the place back on the next bend as 66 Furnell ran wide, 319 the began to pull away from great scrap which developed beehind for 4th place with 117 Mattioli, 325 Ballard, 882 Ritchie and 66 Furnell all battling for position, Up front 222 Martin Meenehan had taken the lead off 25 Butcher, 319 Woods also getting past the 25 car for 2nd, 117 Sean Mattioli spun entering Turn 3, 222 Meenehan held on for the win.

Heat 2 began with 25 Lee Butcher leading the field away, 325 Marcus Ballard and 117 Sean Mattioli had a coming together which resulted in 117 Mattioli spinning hard into the tractor tyre, WIth 6 cars battling for the lead it was bound to end in tears, A mistake by 25 Butcher coming out of Turn 4 let 222 Meenehan and 125 Alex Butcher get along side him and as they went 3 wide into turn 1, 125 Butcher was brave to keep he's foot planted and drive round the outside, 222 Meenehan and 25 Butcher had a coming together which in turn took out 882 Shirley and 66 Furnell, 319 Woods got past 125 Butcher for the led and went on to take the Heat 2 victory.

The Final meant a closed grid, 25 Lee Butcher led from pole, The usual suspects started to show joining the battle up front, 222 Meenehan moved up past 125 Butcher to take 2nd, 66 Furnell tagged 125 Butcher entering Turn 1 which sent the 125 car into a half spin, A 12 car train now formed all looking to get to the front, 415 Andy Moore was spun entering Turn 1, 222 Meenehan looked around the outside of 25 Butcher which allowed the pack to take the inside line dropping the 222 car back 6 places, 222 Meenehan then spun entering Turn 1, With 3 laps left 319 Woods, 25 Butcher and 882 Ritchie went 3 wide into Turn 3 all looking for 1st place with the 319 car coming out with the place, 319 Woods took the final victory from 25 Butcher and 882 Ritchie

Best in Britain

The Stock Rods were contesting the 2011 Best In Britain title which was currently held by 168 Andy Sturt. The format was 2 Heats with the grid positions determined by a draw from the hat with the grid for the 2nd Heat being reversed.
61 Derek Mc Millen drew pole for the first heat, Defending champion 168 Sturt wasn't to far behind drawing position 6, 61 Mc Millen went into an early lead but it didn't take long for the 168 car to move through the pack and take up the lead, 300 Tristan Jackson caught the wall exiting turn 2 which sent the 28 car of Alan Thorndyke and 87 Steven Abbott spinning towards the infield, 447 Stuart Smyth had made good progress through the field and was now up to 3rd place, 745 Daniel Bennett who had made a good start was beginning to fall back down the field, A battle for 2nd begun to take fold with 61 holding of the 447, 136 and 74 cars, With 2 laps to go 447 Smyth saw the gap and made the move up the inside of the 61 car which sent the 61 car onto the outside line which enabled the 136 and 74 car also to pass the 61 car, Meanwhile out front the 168 Sturt car had built up a big lead and went on to take the flag.
The 2nd Heat had a reversed grid which meant 67 Ker Patterson had the pole, 313 Jamie Bowring bounced up the inside kerb coming round the first bend, 128 David Gale got very sideways going down the back straight but held it all together, 116 Rusty Madden went into a half spin after getting a tap on the rear quarter from 74 Tyler Collison entering turn 3, The 91 car of Wayne Leedell then spun entering turn 1 and with no where to go 168 Sturt hit the 91 car at full bore over the drivers side back wheel, 350 also with no where to go t-boned the 91 car, The reds were then shown with concern being shown for 91 Leedell, 67 Patterson led the field away on the restart, 288 Harry Palmer spun on turn 4 but the oncoming pack managed to avoid him, With 5 laps to go 67 Patterson car packed up which handed the lead to 313 Bowring, In the closing stages 447 Smyth was putting severe pressure on the 59 Carl Mann car for 2nd place, 313 Bowring went on to take the flag from 59 and the 447 car.
The main race was next up with 447 Smyth on pole with 136 Stephen Gooch sharing the front row with him, 168 Sturt had repaired the damage from the heat 2 crash but was really struggling with he's car, With the pack closing fast on the 168 car coming out of Turn 4, 168 was spun by 151 Luke Oliver who was being pushed by the pack, 151 was also spun towards the Armco, 151 Oliver collected the Armco making a heavy impact, 168 Sturt was collected head on by 240 Ian Trapmore as he spun, 151 Oliver was then collected head on by 92 Adam Daniels who was then hit from behind by the 87 Abbott car, 87 Abbott was then collected by the passing 136 Gooch car which ripped the door of the 87 Abbott machine, The waved yellows were then shown with concern being shown for both 87 and 151 Oliver, 447 Smyth led the filed away from the restart, 59 Carl Mann went for a gap up the inside of the 313 car, 313 closed the gap which led to 59 Carl Mann catching the rear quarter which sent 313 spinning and 59 Mann to the Armco. 447 Smyth went on to take the 2011 Best In Britain Title.


Yokohama / Polleysport Series Final

 168 Andy Sturt, 60 Daniel Rea, 745 Daniel Bennett, 28, 151, 288, 447, 87, 529, 171.
Heat 1 - 300 Tristan Jackson, 28, 529, 74, 251, 171, 745, 151, 110, 144.
Heat 2 - 128 David Gale, 394, 101, 288, 300, 251, 171, 168, 417, 60.

English Championship

Heat 1 - 829 Stuart Fox, 59, 924, 876, 565, 168, 110, 91, 823, 74.
Heat 2 - 60 Daniel Rea, 669, 447, 171, 168, 288, 28, 394, 755, 900.
English Championship - 168 Andy Sturt, 924 Stuart Wright, 171 Dean O'Dell, 447, 876, 829, 60, 669, 288, 59.

We would like to say big well done to 417 Helen Blackman for having her first win in stock rods at Spedeworth 
Aldershot 18/9 -

Stock Rods
Heat 1 - 350 Robert Jackson, 240, 745, 288, 128, 213, 447, 168, 50, 144.
Heat 2 - 417 Helen Blackman, 128, 350, 337, 288, 747, 745, 171, 529, 151.
Final - 128 David Gale, 74 Tyler Collison, 745 Daniel Bennett, 288, 213, 313, 144, 171, 151, 418.

Stock rods Irish Masters

Stock rods Irish Masters, Nuttscorner Oval, Sunday 28/7/2011 With the Northern Ireland promoters working closer together in recent years, Nuttscorner Oval got the chance to host a third day of racing for the Stock Rods when the visiting drivers were over for the British Championship. The two previous nights of racing took it's toll on the field with a slightly disappointing sixteen car turn out, made up of 10 visiting drivers and only six local cars. Ex Nuttscorner Oval Junior driver Bobbie Johnstone led the opening stages of heat one, before newly crowned British Champion Raymond Harper took the lead and went on to take the opener. Visiting Tipperary Raceway driver, and the 2010 Stock Rod King of Nuttscorner Gary Butler took the honours in the second heat, in which Harper placed fourth. Not surprisingly Harper qualified pole for the feature race with
Scotland's Kerr Paterson alongside. Paterson challenged around the outside of Harper in the opening stages, but it was never going to be an easy task. Harper broke away while Paterson slipped down the order losing second to Stephen McCready and then third to fellow countryman Davy Philp Jnr, and that was the order the top four would finish.

Brian Lammey

Yarmouth East Coast Cup

14 Stock Rods at Yarmouth on Sunday for the East Coast Cup, heat wins going to 300 Tristan Jackson and 745 Daniel Bennett, before the title race went to 747 Ricky Glendening ahead of Jackson and Bennett. Next time out for the Stock Rods is at Arlington tomorrow (Weds) for the latest round of their Polleysport/Yokohama tyre series.

447 Stuart Smyth  Stock Rod World Championship

We  would like to congratulate 447 Stuart Smyth on his victory in the Stock Rod World Championship at Hednesford on Sunday.

Smyth opened his account by drawing pole position for heat one and he raced to a flag to flag win as behind him a large portion of the field self-destructed in a chaotic affair, 7 Andy Grant?s day ended when he smashed into the pit gate after contact from 47 John Cardwell. 876 Lewis Clark shadowed Smyth all the way with 829 Stuart Fox, 29 David Philp (up from 19th) and 755 Mark Barber behind him.

Heat two saw a couple more spins and shunts before a stoppage when 25 Siobhan Martin?s engine blew and covered the West bend in thick smoke, some drivers forced to a complete stop as they simply could not see. 257 Ashley Brown and 74 Tyler Collison had led the early going but it was 67 Kerr Paterson who scored the win for Scotland with Collison, Brown and Barber next home, Smyth making it up to ninth from dead last on the grid.

Barber?s consistency gave him pole for the World Final with Smyth alongside and Philp and Fox behind them, Martin able to join the grid after her crew changed her engine between races. Smyth got the better start and set off into a lead he would not lose while the eyes of many were on 168 Andy Sturt, the defending champion having had a tough time of it in the heats and started eighth. He came through to third behind the rapid Philp who was baulked by 232 Brett Sneddon in the closing stages allowing Sturt into second, but Smyth was away and clear and claimed the title he has chased for so many years.

So well done to Stuart Smyth who will be exchanging the gold paint with the defending Champion and of course long standing rival Andy Sturt who has proved to be a superb carrier of the gold roof since winning the Championship in 2010 at Ipswich. Commiserations to Davy Philp were in order in some respects as the final few laps for him were made extremely difficult by Brett Sneddon, which ultimately cost him what looked to be a certain 2nd place.

Heat 1 447 Stuart Smyth 876 Lewis Clark 829 Stuart Fox 29 755 60 3 500 168 219
Heat 2 67 Kerr Paterson 74 Tyler Collison 257 Ashley Brown 755 658 29 57 669 447 28
World 447 Stuart Smyth 168 Andy Sturt 29 Davy Philp 829 Stuart Fox 3 67 755 257 60 219


Arlington 3/8 

Stock Rods
Heat 1 - 288 Harry Palmer, 257, 447, 500, 148, 394, 28, 300, 60, 131.
Heat 2 - 110 Kevin Wareham, 251, 60, 300, 1 68, 394, 560, 128, 148, 9.
Southern Championship - 110 Kevin Wareham, 168 Andy Sturt, 447 Stuart Smyth, 394, 745, 560, 257, 74, NOF.

Aldershot 24/7

Stock Rods
Heat 1 - 288 Harry Palmer, 257, 529, 745, 128, 171, 28, 168, 60, 151.
Heat 2 - 529 Keith C onlon, 128, 745, 288, 28, 257, 213, 144, 171, 151.
Final - 529 Keith Conlon, 745 Daniel Bennett, 288 Harry Palmer, 171, 168, 128, 257, 60, 46, 28.

Gt Yarmouth 17th July

Heat 1 74 Tyler Collison, 59, 60, 745, 128, 171, 168, 240, 151, 87.
Heat2 59 Carl Mann, 745, 171, 74, 60, 168, 151, 500, 240, 87.
Final 59 Carl Mann, 128 David Gale, 168 Andy Sturt, 745, 60, 87, 74, 500, 28, NOF.


Swaffham Speed Weekend

 Heat 1 - The Stock Rods were up next in there first race of the night, 682 Stephen Cunningham led the field away, 17 Michael Benstead made an outside pass on both 29 Ricky Lofthouse and 682 Cunningham for the lead, 415 Andy Moore had a half spin on Turn 1, 682 Cunningham out braked himself which sent him into the 704 Cowles car which resulted in a flat tyre for the 682 car, 116 Rusty Madden was started to show making a move on 74 Riches and 29 Lofthouse, A great 4 way battle between 350 Jackson, 116 Madden, 704 Cowles and 74 Riches was in full swing for the last 5 laps, 17 Benstead held on to win from 116 Madden, 704 Cowles, 350 Jackson and 74 Riches.
Heat 2 - With 29 Lofthouse drawing pole, It soon turned into a 5 car battle at the front, 704 Robin Cowles made a move on 350 Jackson, 704 then dispatched of the 29 Lofthouse car to take up the running,   116 Madden, 350 Jackson and 29 Jackson went into Turn one 3 wide which left the 350 Jackson car with a flat tyre which in turn took the 116 Madden car wide   pushing him down the field, 74 Riches was the one to benefit moving up to 2nd, 17 Benstead made a move around the outside of 29 Lofthouse for 3rd, 704 Cowles went on to win.
Heat 3 -  116 Rusty Madden led the field away from pole, 704 Cowles worked a move around the outside of 682 Cunningham, It was a 3 horse race up front between 116, 17 and 704, 29 Benstead moved round the outside od 415 Moore, 116 Madden who came under some early pressure moved away from the chasing pack and held on fo the win.
East Anglian Championship race

116 Rusty Madden led from pole, 704 Robin Cowels slipped up the inside of 17 Benstead and began to put pressure on the 116 car, 682 Cunningham and 350 Jackson had a coming together entering Turn 3 which resulted in 350 Jackson having a flat tyre, 415 Andy Moore was a spinner on the back straight after a little help from 29 Ricky Lofthouse, But upfront despite the pressure from 704 Cowels, 116 Rusty Madden held on to take the title from, 704, 17, 74, 29 and 45
Revenge Race -  682 Cunningham moved into an early lead, 29 Lofthouse, 704 Cowles and 74 Riches went into turn one 3 wide, Which ended the race of 29 Lofthouse early, 704 Cowels then overtook 682 Cunningham for the lead, 17 Benstead then moved into 2nd, 116 Rusty Madden also making a move on 682 Cunningham, 116 Madden then made a impressive outside move around 17 Michael Benstead, 704 Cowels held on to take the win.


Swaffham 14/5/11

14-5-11 - Heat 1 - The Stock Rods were on track next for there first heat, 18 spun out on the first bend, 17 Michael Benstead then had hes back end step away from him coming out of turn 2 but held onto it well, 350 Rob Jackson then got sideways coming out of Turn 4 which in turn took 116 Rusty Madden to the wall. In a midfield battle which had 6 cars in it saw 116 Rusty come of worse as he spun to the infield, 865 took the win on hes debut.

14-5-11 - Heat 2 -
The Stock Rods were up again with 29 Ricky Lofthouse led the field away, 415 Andy Moore managed 10 yards before stopping with some horrible sounds coming from the 415 engine, A nice battle took place in the midfield before 18 was turned around, 29 Ricky Lofthouse took the win.

14-5-11 - Final - 29 Ricky Lofthouse led the field away and built up a big lead as the rest battled behind, 704 Cowels and 116 Rusty Madden were the victims of some very tight racing, The race was declared with 29 Ricky Lofthouse taking heat and final.


Ipswich Spedeweekend 2011


755 Mark Barber wins the  European Challenge Cup


    We had a good turn out of cars but was missing some good drivers from Ireland as its the cost of travelling cost is so high and with a few big meetings coming up. Another driver that was missing is young 17 Robert Mc Donald from Scotland  i am sure we will miss him now he is working away hope to see him now and then.

    Race one came out and the grid was pulled saw 257 Ashley Brown on pole with some top drivers round him one being world champ 168 Andy Sturt, the race got under way and in no time  saw top  man from Spedeworth 447 Stuart Smyth  trying the outside line on the out side of 658  x world champ in stock rods {GUNNER nice to see him back in stock rods }not so good for 447 Smyth he picked up on oil down the back outside line and ended up in wall backwards with many cars came going in before the flags came out leaving a right mess of Smyth's car and many more. The race got back under way when 135 Clinton Grooms engine let go and putting oil all over track first victim to come across this oil was 152 Taylor  leaving his driver door facing the on coming traffic still no flags out so all cars still racing with #29 Scotland  top driver David Philp hitting the Taylor and car rolled making a mess and many other cars 55 Karl Graves to name one more flag still come out a bit late to be fair Again the race got back under way and  world Champ Andy Sturt was  given the lead and went on to take his first win of the day in stock rods coming home in 2nd 257 Brown 3rd 288 Palmer and in 4th 28 Thorndyke

    Heat two came out on track and this time 755 Mark Barber was on the front row we also saw another x world champ 829 Fox Spedeworth super star man 171 Dean O'Dell was really going well and pushing them all the way bumper to bumper racing for many laps 755 Mark Barber got himself a nice little lead for a bit but then 171 O'Dell pulling him back in 829 Fox 110 Kev Wareham and 876 Lewis Clark had a great close race. Further down the field saw 447 Stuart Smyth not going like we have done around this Ipswich track but his crew done well to get the car back out after so many cars hitting his  car in first race i  am sure he will be back on it when car is sorted out. Other drivers that didn't seem to be having much luck was 418 Pat Smith out in his new stock rod  but to be fair to  pat  he has been flat out trying to get car ready for weekend  and did not have any time to test the car they had is dad  in hospital for a few days glad to say he home now and wish him well 67  Patterson seemed to be going so well his car looked like it was going round on rails but he just had bad luck in his two heats. back to the race 755 Barber was coming up to back markers and he slowed the race down to his place  171 O Dell did try the out side but was not meant to be Barber took the win 2nd 171 O'Dell  3rd 820 Fox and coming home in 4th 110 Kev Wareham . It had  been a very long day and every one new the Sunday was going to be the same with only one race set for stock rods.


    We saw 744 Mark Barber on pole with 168 Andy Sturt on outside in side we had 171 O'Dell his outside saw 288 Pamer then  500 Carter and his outside 251 Ribbons the green flag dropped all save round the first corner when going in to the next one we saw 251 Ribbons drove in to 500 Carter,s front wheel  Carter car just went straight on having no say at the speed they were doing with a punctured tire ending his race and Ribbons and this ending  658 Gunner getting in the same mix big shame for them boys back to the race 755 Barber just keep a nice tight line  and he had a line of car's behind him bumper to bumper  after a while we saw 755 Barber and168 Sturt pull them self a lead from the 171 O Dell  and the 288 car  down the field no one seemed to be on the move but one that i had my eyes on was 67  Patterson he was going very well it was just a shame he was so fare down the grid with  bad luck in heats also 29 Davy Philp was going well  and don't for get he had a roll in heat one so well done to his crew  for all there hard work getting him back out .168 Andy Sturt car started to smoke a little what i could see and 755 Barber seemed to have  pulled him self a bit of a gap and he went on to take the EUROPEAN  CHALLENGE CUP i am sure he was well happy with his car and with  some big meetings coming up he going to be one to keep an eye on 2nd 168 Sturt  3rd O Dell hope to see you all at next meeting 
    Jane Carter.

Ipswich 30/5/11

Race 1 - 251 Lee Ribbans, 151, 74, 240, 288, 257, 28, 313, 171, 213.

Race 2 - 74 Tyler Collison, 91, 240, 251, 28, 313, 745, 151, 500, 394.

Final - 91 Wayne Leedell, 74 Tyler Collison, 151 Luke Oliver, 87, 251, 257, 313, 171, 28, 745


hi all just to say sorry to you all that i only put up the results and non of my little run down of the meetings from where i see it, i had  my dad unwell so hope to get back to it all soon xx
Jane Carter

Arlington 2/5/2011

Stock Rods
Race 1 - 257 Ashley Brown, 168, 447, 128, 288, 151, 77, 60, 381, 500.
Race 2 - 425 Nick Aldridge, 128, 447, 300, 151, 251, 168, 394, 77, 500.
Final - 300 Tristan Jackson, 128 David Gale, 240 Ian Trapmore, 168, 251, 394, 288, 151, 77, 447

Stock Rods - East Anglian Championship
Race 1 - 418 Pat Smith Jnr, 91, 168, 152, 151, 87, 257, 288, 171, 529.
Race 2 - 59 Carl Mann, 288, 168, 74, 171, 87, 418, 60, 91, 151.
East Anglian - 418 Pat Smith Jnr, 91 Wayne Leedell, 288 Harry Palmer, 74, 87, 151, 171, 59, 240, [well done to pat smith on his win ]


We had  a great turn out of stock rods for the first meeting back at the Aldershot raceway. It was great to see 128 David Gale back out racing in his new painted car, Also great to see our new lady driver back again after her debut at Wimbledon  last meeting 417 Helen Blackman (keep at it Helen }.Not sure why we were missing the 151 car of Luke Oliver but sure he'll be back next meeting. We had a few drivers not happy with the new points chart but i am sure this will sort itself out over the coming weeks.
Race one  got under way saw 529 Conlon  on it when the green flag dropped and there was some bumping and boring going on and this let two top blue graders come up the field in the shape of 394 DePavia and 288 young Palmer. The top grade drivers were all battling very hard and seemed to be getting no where it always seems to be the same at Aldershot raceway with all the winners coming from the front runners not taking any thing away from 529 Conlon he gave a great drive and went on to take the win in 2nd 394 DePavia and in 3rd 288Palmer.
Heat two got under way  this time saw 74 Tayler Collison on it from the off when 745 Bentley rolled over leaving no where for 40 Garry Stains to go when 128 Gale finding himself in the back of the 40 of Staines the reds come until Bentley was out of car to safley. The race got under way again now as we saw red graders in with a shout 418 Pat Smith get a great start as did 500 Carter and 168 Sturt 28, Thorndyke got punted  wide star man 168  Andy Sturt  got under him and few laps later Sturt was punted out of the race in to the pit bend 74 Tyler Collion was right on it and putting some great laps in and went on to take a comfortable win followed home by 418 Pat Smith and in 3rd saw long time stock rodder 213 Graham Moreton  the rest of the star men did get themselves in the top ten that's something as  they always find the Aldershot stadium hard to pass and get up in the points
The final well we saw 5 more laps for this one and all the top men was hoping for a podium finish but yet again saw the white  roof driver of 74 Tyler Collison right on a mission  Not sure what happened but we saw 28 Thorndyke in the top bend wall .But  going back to 74 Collison  i am sure he wont be a white roof for long he will be giving the top boys a good run for there money, the only ones that were coming up from the reds saw 418 Pat Smith he was going very well from the front row of the red and was giving chase to the last month red grader down to blue 288 Palmer  and the other blue grader of 394 De Pavia one that seemed to stand out in this one  all time star man in stock rods  447 Smyth he made a few changes in  pits  and it seemed to get his car on rails 168 Sturt was with him all the way, 500 Carter car was really bad off the start and seemed to get better as laps  went on but was to late for him i was sure 418 Pat Smith was driving his heart out but there was no way  he was going to pull in the 288 car of Palmer and  394 De Pavia but 74 Tyler Collison  drove a blinder and went on to take the win he had a great afternoon racing and well done to him 2nd 288 Palmer  3rd 394 DePaver next meeting at Great Yarmouth hope to see you all there 


Jane carter



Wimbledon 20th March

Around 29 cars turned out and had new driver that i would like to welcome is 417 Helen Blackman its great to see a young lady driver at Spedeworth she has raced for around 11 years done 1 litre mini, 1450 hot rods, outlaw hot rods and bangers she has done most of her racing at Segto with a few meetings at Arena Essex and the odd meeting at Ringwood so i am sure with a few meetings under her belt she's going to be taking some wins away from the men so best of luck to Helen. It seems  that stock rods are picking up again which is great to see, the only thing is that a few drivers were talking in the pits that we don't  get enough laps (20 laps hard going) when you have 29 plus car and coming from the back but it great to see some new drivers we just need to keep them all coming

Heat one got under way which saw our new young lady driver 417 Helen Blackman in her pink machine on it from the off and after a few laps i think the men new she was not going to be a push over. First man on the move was 151 Luke Oliver he had a great break on the start next one to work himself through the blue roofs.  500 Carter got himself clear and went on to give chase to 151 Oliver. Star man and one of the best round Wimbledon in the stock rod saw 447,s engine let go big time not like that to happen  but it has done a lot of meetings and been very good to him. That Smyth crew were all up for the engine change after the race was over by the next race. Back to the race there didn't seem any top drivers coming through they seem to be in and long line going no where first one to clip the Wimbledon fence 39 Danny Hunn ending his race we had a lot of cars pulling off not sure why but by the end of the race five cars sat on infield but can not take any thing away from the winner of he at one 1st 151 Luke Oliver 500 Carter was in 2nd but was told the red flags come out so they went back a lap so coming home in 2nd 529 Keith Conlon  3rd 500 Carter 

Out in the pits saw the Smyth team working very hard to get a engine out and another one back in i must say a big well done to his team for the hard work to get the Star man Smyth back out and racing as he always gives us a good show when he's out on track.

Heat Two We didn't lose many cars from heat one and the green flag dropped and saw 529 Conlon on it from the off this time all the cars seem to be in a line going no where, the one that went to the outside of our new lady driver saw 500 Carter he was out there for few laps 417Helen Blackman was doing so well  but she found  it hard to keep a tight line as was getting pushed lap after lap from behind Carter just got himself past the 417 Blackman car when they pushed her in to Carter sending him round this let 240 Ian Trapmore and 394 Mike DePaiva through the other one that seemed to be going very well was 110 young Kevin Wareham  he's been having a good run so far this year good luck to him. The one that all eyes were on was 529 Keith Conlon he was out in front and kept himself a great lead I am not to sure  but I think he's a new comer to stock rods so this a good start for him as he went on to take the win 1st 529 Conlon 2nd 240 Trapmore and in 3rd 394 DePaiva not sure what went on  but we lost 418 Pat Smith  rom this race from being black flagged  I didn't see what went on there  again we had a lot of cars on the infield for this race again up to nine cars.


This time we saw the blue roofs on it from the off with 60 Dan Rea going well 500 Carter was having problems with his car so found himself losing places. Again saw 110 Kev Wareham really going well from the front of the red and was giving chase to blue graders and was through them in no time our lady driver was to retire to the infield her car had a drive shaft go so end of Helen's race but i am sure she was happy with her first ever stock rod meeting. 288 Harry Palmer was also going ok finding himself up in the top five 28 Thorndayke was having a better race as was 394De Paiva 500 Carter got his car a bit better and started to pull a few cars back in. The top men 168 Sturt 447 Smyth 171 Odell  were in a long line on the tail end of  418 Pat Smith  there was a lot of bumping and boring going on 171 ODell found him self taken round he didn't have a great meeting but non of the top boys seemed to find there way through at  this Wimbledon track this meeting going back to front 60 Rea had a great race and went on to take him self a nice win  coming home in 2nd 110 Kev Wareham  3rd Palmer our next meeting at Aldershot in two weeks see you all there

Jane Carter .



Ipswich 5th March

Race One
1st   240  Ian Trapmore
2nd  500 Kim Carter
3rd  60 Daniel Rea
4th  151 Luke Oliver
5th  747  Ricky Glendening
Race Two
1st  500  Kim Carter
2nd  44  Lee Rogers
3rd  60  Daniel Rea
4th  288 Harry Palmer
5th  152  Shaun Taylor
Race Three
1st  394 Mike De Paiva
2nd 240 Ian  Trapmore
3RD  60 Daniel Rea
4th  44 Lee Rogers
5th 418 Pat Smith 
1st 394 Mike De Paiva
2nd  60 Daniel Rea
3rd 44 Lee Rogers
4th 500 Kim Carter
5TH 152 Shaun Taylor 


Results by Jane Carter


Wimbledon 6th Febuary 2011 Round One of the Pollysport/Yokahama Series

Around 20 cars turned out for round one of the Polley Sport. It was nice to see some new faces in stock rods, 745 Daniel Bennett, also the return of 240 Ian Trapmore. 60 Dan Rea was out in a nice new car ready for 2011, one we have not seen out for a while is 394 Mike De Paiva good see him back, 500 Carter back after missing a few meetings.

Race one got under way and seeing 240 Ian Trapmore racing from a white grade with racing experience under his belt it was going to be hard for the rest to deal with but the one that was pulled him in slowly was 747 Ricky Glendening. There was allot of bumping and boring going on with the blue graders101 Bowring, 163 Jason Pickett had a coming together, 28 Thorndyke and 60 Rea in a new car was going well, Carter 500 seemed to be a little off pace for a few laps then settled in a bit. 151Luke Oliver seems to have settled down well in with Spedeworth. World Champ 168 Andy Sturt was on a mission close by with 447 Smyth coming with him Sturt punted Carter out on the pit bend let himself and 447 Smyth through. Back to the leader saw 240 Trapmore taking a comfortable win followed home by 747 Glendening and 151 Oliver 

As heat two was away this time the 747 car of Glendening was not going to let the 240 Trapmore get away this time we saw Carter a bit better away and was giving chase to 77 Owen Carter trying the outside when Owen car started to put antifreeze down and Carter could not find any grip by this time saw 60 Rea up with them Rea and Owen had a coming together leaving Carter not a lot of room. There was some docking but i do believe that is being looked in to as 151 Oliver was moved up some places. Top drivers didn't seem to get a look in as 747 Glendening went on to take good win followed home by 240 Trapmore and at this time 151 Oliver was put up to third.

The last race of the day all cars were out on track and yet again a great start from the 747 car of Glendening he was on a flyer of a start as was  Rea, Carter and Thorndyke  60 Rea and Thorndyke were having some right bumping and boring but they seem to be getting away with it and they seem to be having fun but 60 got himself clear of 28 Thorndyke  and went on to give chase to 747 Glendening  then 500 Carter giving chase to 28 Thorndake but on a open track didn't seem to be enough laps for  Carter or Rea to make much head way on the two cars they were giving chase to. The star men were not getting much of a look in all night as the low graders are all buying fast cars with all the right bits on which is making it harder for the top boys to come home in top five but i am sure they have their turn when  the low graders go back 1st 747 Glendening 2nd 60 Rea and coming home in 3rd 28  Thorndyke. Next meeting 5th March Ippy see you all there 

Jane Carter.


We didn't have the best of turn out for the London Championship with only around 19 cars. It was nice to see 91 Wayne Leedell make his way to Wimbledon. We had a few new faces  in the stock rods for the start of the 2011 season #7 David Burton  #210 Daniel Barkham and #747 ricky Glendening. i have had a little chat with  Ricky Glendening he has been racing at  Standlake and arena in a nova so he had a little bit of racing experience. sure i will find out about the other two new comers as season gets under way.

Race one came out on track The grid was pulled and star man 447 Smyth found himself on the outside front row think we all new he was going to be hard to stop from there. The track was greasy by the start Finish line there was something put down oil water or some thing the first one to hit this was 91 Wayne Leedel  making a mess of Wayne's car and a few others  101 john Bowring  and 163 Jason Pickett had a coming together but both cars were ok and keep themself going but back to front saw our star man 477 Stuart Smyth go on to take an easy win.

1st 44 Smyth 2nd 313 bowring   3rd 171 O Dell.

Heat two came out on track and track still was not good as the stock cars were finding no grip in the race before this  time saw new comer to stock rods 747 Ricky Glendening off poll along side saw 110 Kev Wareham Kev is always fast around the Wimbledon  track but with conditions saw the new comer 474 Glendening take a good lead and was going very well for his first time out in stock rods they not the easiest car to drive. We saw the star man 447 Smyth on the move in the first few laps getting under the new comer #7 young David Burton it look to me they bumped wheels and David bounced in to fence  #257 Ashley Brown was right behind them and had no were to go yound Daivd Burtons car bounced back out from the fence and Brown went in to him, both cars had damage but both drivers were ok so all good. they looked at DVD and Smyth was taking out the race. The race got back under away and yet again 747 Glenddening got himself away the only car that seem to be coming was in the shape of #171 young O'Dell he got himself on the bumper of new comer but ran out of  laps  1st 747 Ricky Glendening taking his first win very good drive from him one to keep our eyes on i am sure we will see him with many more wins 2nd  O Dell 3rd 110 Wareham.

London Championship

The Race got under way. yet again saw the new comer #747 getting away faster than star man 171 O'Dell to take the lead but as laps went on saw O'Dell pulling him in lap after lap and once O Dell was on him he found his way past and went on to get himself a comfortable lead next one that was come up to 747 Glendening  was  251 Lee Ribbans  Lee joined the  stock rods last year but has not been racing a great deal but seemed to be going well  he got himself past Glendening to put  himself in to second but by this time the laps were running out and there was no way Ribbans was going to pull in O'Dell. there was only one line so over taking was not happening much at all 110 Wareham 213 Morton and 447 Smyth were just in a long line going no where. Not taking any thing away from young Dean O'Dell he drove a great race and went on to take a comfortable win to become new London Champion coming home in second  251 Ribbans  and in  third new comer  747 Ricky Glendening he must be well happy with that result for first time out in a stock rod. all off to the N.E.C  Show next week  hope to see you there if not back racing at Wimbledon on the 6th Feb

Jane Carter






Irish Champion Micky McFall welcomed in 2011 with a hard fought win in the Gilmore Engineering Challenge Cup at Ballymena Raceway on New Year's Day. Two reverse grid qualifying heats determined the grid positions for the final and Frankie Lynn eased away from the pack to secure a polished victory in the first qualifier. Micky McFall chased the 2009 British Champion home with the Vauxhall Corsa of Michael Reid in third. McFall went one place better in the second qualifier to record victory over Victor McAfee and those two results earned the Irish Champion pole position for the twenty-lap Challenge Trophy final. McFall set the pace from the start with McAfee’s Citroen Saxo shadowing the leader’s every move over the opening stages. Lynn moved into contention when the two leaders lost time negotiating the backmarkers, but McFall successfully withstood all the pressure from his pursuers to reach the chequered flag with this lead intact. Lynn was a very close second with McAfee in third. The race winner received an additional prize of four Yokohama Tyres provided by Stephen Gilmore of event sponsor Gilmore Engineering Cullybackey.




Heat One: 1st. Frankie Lynn, 2nd. Micky McFall, 3rd. Michael Reid, 4th. Alastair Bolton, 5th. Bobbie Johnston, 6th. Victor McAfee, 7th. Chris Gordon, 8th. Graham Nelson

Heat Two: 1st. McFall, 2nd. McAfee, 3rd. Lynn, 4th. Richard Harper, 5th. Johnston, 6th. Freddie Laffin, 7th. Thomas Morrison, 8th. Gordon

Gilmore Engineering Challenge Trophy: 1st. McFall, 2nd. Lynn, 3rd. McAfee, 4th. Reid, 5th. Bolton, 6th. Laffin, 7th. Morrison, 8th. Harper, 9th. Jonny Cardwell, 10th. Eoin McGrath


Colin Adair


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